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VA-Motorsport Engineering is an independent motorsport company. Established in 1993 by Ad Verkuijlen after more than ten years of experience in the national and international motorsport. With Mazda Rally Team Europe, Rial F1, Barron Sports, Benetton Formula 1, BMW Touring Car and European Rally Championship.
We are providing parts, service and support to different sorts of customers, in all kinds of motorsport. 

Our Services
The core business of VA-Motorsport Engineering is manufacturing safety cages for different kinds of motorsport. We are a leading safety cage manufacturer in the Netherlands and certified by the KNAF / FIA.
VA-motorsport Engineering can fabricate parts or build projects to your own specification or to specific regulations. Fabricating different sorts of parts in steel, aluminum, Innconel, stainless steel and titanium.

We also provide preparation of customer race cars. This is done in our workshop as well as at the racetrack. From complete gearbox and race car rebuilds to service checks during race events.

VA-Motorsport Engineering works with up-to-date 3D CAD software to engineer new or replacement parts and even complete new race vehicles. With this software it is possible to accurately engineer products for a wide variety of applications.



Custom Cages

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